Neglected Long Haired Guinea Pig Came in For a Manicure and Haircut

This poor piggie was rescued just a few days earlier. His new owners came to see us to get him back on track to health! His nails are a terrible mess and likely …


  1. Omg you are truly a hero! I love guinea pigs and im so glad that you rescue them! Thank you so much for being such a kind person❤

  2. That little rodent should be glad he’s getting shaved by Saskia and not Freaky Fred from Courage the Cowardly Dog!

  3. Leave it to Cali guinea pigs and gays. Smh. This world is ass backwards. But I will say Saskia is amazing for taking the time.

  4. omggg poor baby (and did anybody else notice that he said "whats the deal with this furball"?) i kinda felt like that was a bit rude to call it fur ball but idk tell me what ya think

  5. Who would abandon such a sweet heart like her awww I have guinea pigs myself and will do anything to make them happy

  6. aww poor Gary this just made me cuddle my girl, I could not imagine leaving her nails or fur in that state, she loves her warm baths and hair dryer to dry out with, and although not a great fan of the nail clippers she prefers the battery operated nail file instead , and nothing more better than a clean cage fresh food and the heater on to warm the room.

  7. I have a guinea pig
    Her is how I got him

    One night I was begging for my auntie to get me a guinea pig.she said no.The next day I went to my moms and TADAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  8. I have A guinea pig his name is Toby Gomer and He is a long-haired guinea pig to and I have to cut his hair and do his nails a very often because they grow superfast

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