1. When the guest can't even admit that monocropping isn't a natural thing and can have its own problems then why should we listen to what he has to say…..it's like fucking training on CNN and only get one lie filled side of the conversation

  2. Oh my god, there are just too many Joe Rogan podcast coming out. I can't keep up, I am like 10 shows behind. I think I'm just going to give up, and become a Buddhist monk. And then kill myself.

  3. What don't you get Joe? The idea was never to feed the world. If they go in there to help it will really be to kill any leader they have and to place there own puppet in his place. And probably to rape kids as well.

  4. This is a single mom problem. Women don't have to have babies anymore, yet they still do even when they know they can't afford them. Well, they shouldn't be given food. Give them birth control and abortions, and in return they will get rationed food.

  5. I think a diet with less meat and with more stuff people can grow in their garden can make a big difference.
    I think in the future some crops are grown in buildings as well to maximize the yeld by optomizing all growing conditions.

  6. The problem is not that companies are competing for product and food, but for monopoly of the business. Everyone saw what Microsoft did to computers in the 90's and now every company wants that 90% of the market in all business. This is what globalism does and why we need borders. Everyone mining for resources everywhere in the world is the real problem. It's not the consumers that are to blame.

  7. Send some of these wild hogs that plague the south to wherever they need food the breed and spread like fire and the iguanas too you can eat them get them out of Florida

  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't lab cultured meat made from cancer cells because they are "immortal" in the sense that the cells can split (aka multiply) forever? I really don't like the idea of eating a slab of grilled cancer.

  9. People are worried about killing animals to survive while over looking the fact were are destroying our planet it's sad to not have a solution. Killing an animal is a tragedy, killing our planet is unrecoverable !

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