Indiana student with vaping illness asked school nurse for help, got expelled

SPENCER, Ind. — Just a few months into his freshman year, a student at Owen Valley High School said he was expelled for seeking help after having a bad …


  1. When has it started to become ok for kids to do drugs in schools? I'm glad he got expelled and think any kid doing drugs inside school property should have the same fate. What's next, letting kids get drunk at school? He's an underage kid who not only broke school rules, but also the law. At one point, yes there should be consequences. Otherwise how will those kids ever learn that there are consequences to their actions and grow up to become responsible adults. If his parents are fine with him smoking or vaping THC at home, I don't care it's on their private property, but you gotta teach your kids that they are not above the rules.

  2. I go to this school and a kid got suspended for pulling a KNIFE on a kid. I got expelled for some stupid crap that was not bad at all. this school is just a terrible school system and it needs to be fixed

  3. How is this a "vaping illness"?!? That's like calling the Heroin epidemic a spoon problem or a Q tip problem (people often use Q tips to suck up the Heroin liquid into the syringe). He just wasn't used to THC; it's no mystery.

  4. Typical republican parents. Lol blame everything and everyone except for their “Golden child” that’s probably been vaping since the 6th-7th grade… smh

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