Woman arrested for having CBD oil at Disney, raises legal debate

A 69-year-old woman from North Carolina was recently arrested at Disney World because she had CBD oil in her purse, which was recommended by her doctor.


  1. This is insane. Are these people crazy. This women has a medical problems. The people who arrested her need to be charged for elderly abuse , abuse against human rights , the law for medical purposes is not breaking law , but arresting this woman is . So insane .

  2. Ehm cbd is actually the non psychoactive ingrediënt in cannabis which has more medicinal values overall. And to the cop, really What a lamé excuse.. you dont really know whats in it even if you buy it in a store, well in that case same way goes for the drinks you buy or food you buy, dont go to foodstands or restaurants either while you’re at it.

  3. Never go to Disney. WTF stupidity of Florida's police. Arrested give her a ticket.

    Screw Disney never go there

  4. Instead of interviewing the Sheriffs department, Fox35 needs to interview the governor or any State legislators about this, because they’re the one who write the laws in Florida. The deputy is doing his job, however when I was 19 years old I was smoking pot with my friends at Nightclubs parking lot in my car when a deputy approached us and confiscated the joints and told us to leave and that was it. I think the deputy should’ve think outside the box and let the old lady leave.

  5. I won’t travel to no shitty state that arrests people for bullshit like this. Boycott travel to these places.

  6. Wait a lady was arrested for having an extract oil from the healthiest plant for the human body on earth, wow.

  7. CBD crackdown? Are you serious? Florida has a Crack cocaine epidemic and they are worrying about CBD oil. 19.9 grams of weed has a lesser charge? Omg

  8. Cops are so fucking bored, they have to make drama where there is none just to make their tiny little lives feel useful. Sad.

  9. So stupid! Goverment its to busy with elections and what Trump did 20 years ago and we get arrested for a plant.

  10. There isn't enough piss to go around on all these pigs graves.
    If it was a legal arrest, the charges wouldn't have been dropped.

  11. She like every other American has the right to CBD oil seeing its fully fucking legal in the US now. The pigs are just on a power trip!

  12. This makes no sense because she had a note from the doctor and the sad part is that she saved up for two years and her family and her were really excited but no they couldn't have fun and all that money went in the trash.

  13. Government think for us, protect us from ourselves we can't be trusted to make our own decisions in life in this free country. Anyone with half a brain knows that marijuana should have never been illegal to begin with and that the government actually runs a drug cartel. Alcoholism is a million times worse but that's legal makes no damn sense. This country sucks ass period.

  14. Why sell either medical marijuana or that oil stuff for her if you're not going to let people use it and you're going to rest them? That makes no sense. She has a prescription for it she's authorized to possess it in her possession this is common sense Florida.

  15. Don't waste your time to go to Disney if they're going to be arresting people just for no reason and don't trust the punk-ass Orange County Sheriff's Office. They are dirtbags. I'm so sorry that it happened to this lady.

  16. He tested with a bogus field test that everybody know will yield false positives and Captain douche bag is defending thier use….

  17. Florida Man strikes again! Just so happens he's wearing a badge this time… still dumb as ever though lol way to go deputy .. you get that grandma! can't have anyone feeling relief from arthritis pain now can we… gotta keep things nice an miserable like you. 🙄👎

  18. Sad that this Grandma was arrested for having CBD oil with a Dr Note in FL. I thought it was legal in all 50 states but I guess not. Note all CBD oils have a trace of THC in them within the FDA limit so no surprise there. She should sue!

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