Is It Time To Legalize It? | Random Thursday

After a lot of requests, I decided to chime in on marijuana legalization. But after sharing it early with Patreon supporters, I got a lot of feedback about issues I may …


  1. It doesn't really matter u can find any drugs anywhere in the world here where i am it is illegal and nobody give a fuck with a single call u can have weed delivered to your door or buy it pretty much anywhere as for my i think every drug should be legal u cant stop it so might as well profit

  2. I think pot should be legal because…uhh……cause….. uhh….when……uhh…..can u pass the Oreos man……thanks …..what?

  3. Israel has been researching thc for years, the FDA doesn't recognize overseas studies, but your pro cannabis people look to Israeli studies to back their claims.

  4. I bought verified and tested CBD oil and tested it on myself. I suffer chronic pain and anxiety. I used it for a month, and then discontinued it. I found no difference in how I felt. Then six months later, I used it for two months and then discontinued it. I found no difference in how I felt. The only difference was my wallet was lighter. Now as for marijuana, back when I still had access to it, I would smoke about a quarter of a joint about a half hour before bedtime, and I would feel better, and I got a better nights sleep, and woke up usually feeling a little better. But the morphine and the muscle relaxer and the mood medicine and the sleep medicine I was prescribed after my days of m.j. use, was not as good. After ten years of being on a prescribed narcotic, I finally wrote a long letter to my hospital and rejected any more usage of morphine. It was not doing a good job for the pain, and the side effects were just overwhelming. No more narcotics. But I have no access to m.j. because of the state and federal government that I live in. I still take the mood medicine and the sleep medicine, although the sleep medicine makes it difficult to get up in the morning. I am very restricted in what I do. I have severe pain and things that stem from that pain. But my options are extremely limited. So I don't go out much. Lets speak about addiction: Perhaps I am different. I was told that it would take one to two months to break out of using morphine. Not for me. First day I went from 4 to 3 tablets. Nothing. So next day I went from 3 to 2 tablets a day. Nothing. Next day I went from two to one tablet. Something like allergy symptoms kicked in. So I stayed on one tablet a day for about five days until the allergy symptoms let up. Then I quit the morphine. The mother of all allergy attacks kicked in. Snot, teary eyes, etc. That slowly died down. I was also told that I might have a desire for morphine from time to time. It has been a year now and no desire for it whatsoever. That is just me. People are different. My dad went cold turkey on tobacco and had no problems, my mom died from tobacco, she could not break the addiction. Over many decades I have only met one person that I would say was physically addicted to m.j., and he told me that he started smoking pot at the age of eight. When he had to go without m.j., he would shake, get flushed, and his behavior would change. So for this one reason alone, I am in favor of legalization. The reason is that licensed dealers are not going to sell to minors. I favor laws that would prohibit the selling of pot within a kilometer of a school zone including up thru college. I also favor a prohibition on advertising the product. I also favor strong punishment for anyone caught selling m.j. to a minor. Well, that's my two cents worth of say.

  5. Studies have shown permanent damage to the brain from THC…fact…don't believe everything you hear on youtube…I like watching you Joe but this one is far reaching.

  6. It's way past time to legalize it. It is literally the only thing that helps all of my medical issues. The VA gives me so many different meds that dont work, or make me sick or cause other medical issues.

  7. Banning medical research on any chemical is counterproductive. It makes no sense. Unless they knew, beforehand, that there is a huge benefit in the chemical. Think about it. The pharmaceutical giant want's you to buy there, useless, drugs instead of drugs that really work. Like THC and ……………………………………………………………………………………………… What was I talking about ?

  8. Half way through this video, I was compelled to smoke my hootchy pipe and pop a top. I feel much better now. THANKS !

  9. We should legalize everything and promote responsibility.

    Alcohol is legal and I choose not to drink it. I would have the same approach to most drugs is they were legal. I wouldn't consume anything other than weed honestly. But the people should choose for themselves.

  10. Cannabis by itself is not addictive, but if you mix it with tobacco, it becomes highly addictive. The tobacco cloaks the surreal high that pure cannabis provides. The addition of tobacco turns cannabis into into a soporific, which is quite pleasant, until you realise it sabotages your drive to get up and do something productive. The addictive character of tobacco drives the repetative desire to smoke all of the time, and you never get high, you only get stoned. Keep it pure!!

  11. Well we know how prohibition worked out…..same as a gun ban will work… have to teach kids respect and self control then they don't need daddy gov to change their dyties for the rest of their lives or when they get old for that matter.

  12. Not a Fan of another sin, but sin is sin and we already sin and always will.

    Never met a single Violent STONER wife beater, not one?
    Couch tater yes.
    Art eest-yes.
    three toed sloth-yes.

    It's just the NEXT form of slavery and they line up to be passive, happy "bond servants".

  13. I've never been a dope smoker, but then I had some negative affects. I would like to see it decriminalised as it is a reasonably harmless drug for those older than 25. This is where it gets tricky. If something is illegal, kids will dabble. As is borne out in the statistics you provided. It is however harmful to smoke anything. The particulate matter in smoke, the associated tars etc are most harmful, and I did have a best mate die from pulmonary disease due to smoking dope. However the harm of ostracising people in prisons indefinitely is most likely more harmful to a society than the use of the substance. All in all, with the age restrictions noted , decriminalised use of cannabis would be my preferred course. As long as its not made compulsory, let's go to the scientific consensus; and not scatter brained over reactions regarding cannabis.

  14. I'm with you Joe, epileptic and living in the UK you'd think I could grow a bit in the garden just for myself wouldn't you..? I don't drink because it would send me nuts mixed with the tablets, but I have a joint most nights and go to sleep cool and calm.
    CBD is getting really popular here, there's tea bars with it.
    Cool video, always an honour

  15. If I became a pothead first and not an alcoholic I'm sure my current circumstances would have been better. All for legalization here.

  16. I hate smoking pot. It makes me feel awful. It took years to admit to myself. I smoked less and less and then realized I never want to smoke it again. So if you feel the same way you are not alone. It obviously has differing effects on people and it may not be right for you and that is more than likely a very good thing.

  17. Joe you have quickly become my favorite Tuber. As soon as my health improves and I can get back to work I plan on being a patreon. I am a pastor and I love how you discuss all sides of things logically. And this video was amazing. I use cannabis now to help with some of these major health issues and as a pastor let me tell you it was not an easy road. So thank you for your logic, whit, humor, knowledge, and openness! Blessings!

  18. The reason we've seen legalization grow so rapidly in the past year or so is that Veterans demanded it for effective treatment of PTSD. That is, at least, the case in Indiana which now allows CBD products, yet whose leadership is still staunchly opposed to Maijuana legalization.

    No one is sure why there's such opposition, but rumor has it that Eli Lilly, which is based in Indianapolis, has something to do with it. Funny how the only form allowed in that state is one which a pharmaceutical company would possess the resources to produce, refine, and distribute quickly and profitably.

    Regardless, I remember seeing on the local news that it was a group of Veterans petitioning the State government who managed to convince the powers that be to concede to CBD legalization, and now that stuff is being sold everywhere.

    Without THC, though, they might as well be marketing non-alcoholic beer.

  19. Joe, you don't need to justify your video to idiots who are still brainwashed by government propaganda from the 50's. They will all be dead soon anyways. Right wingers simply can't be reasoned with at any age.

  20. I am Police Officer and was 25 years on the street. I NEVER had to fight with a Cannabised Person. Not 1. Drunken Aggressors we're my daily business. I say legalize it

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